I am Prayer

This is our time to minister unto God and to see Him move through it!

Frank Pot, FIRE Church NL

The same DNA

The Bible speaks in Psalm 109:4 of “I am prayer”. David Demian invited me and my wife to come to Montreal, Canada in July to be part of a strategic meeting “The United Nations of God”. Some four hundred leaders and pastors from around the world came together to listen to God’s voice and to minister unto Him. The starting point was that we all had “a piece of the puzzle”. The Watchmen for the Nations organizes on several occasions throughout the year similar meetings around the world and this was the first time that my wife Bobby and I attended. There was an incredible unity during the meetings in which reconciliation and making a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit were the keywords.

A few months before I met David Demian, leader of Watchmen for the Nations, in Singapore and we recognized the DNA of Psalm 109 in each other. The DNA of Psalm 109 is prayer and communication with God in the first place. No time limits to seeking and ministering unto the Lord because you are not going to pray, but you are prayer. A life of 24/7 positioning in God. Waking up with God on your heart and going to bed with God on your heart. You live, walk, eat, drink and breathe God in everything you do. As Paul says to “live a life worthy of the Lord and [pleasing] Him in every way”.
(Colossians 1:10a)

Ministry unto the Lord

We did not hear the words “ministry unto the Lord” often and now we met someone who shares this desire. Ministry unto the Lord is about knowing the desires of the Lord because God has desires and longs for us to know them.

“… as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” – the things God has prepared for those who love Him – these are the things God has
revealed to us by His Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.” 1
Corinthians 2:9-10

We believe that we, as Christians in this nation, have come to a time in which we should not want to lean on our own understanding. We need the power of the Holy Spirit. “The mind of Christ” as Paul calls it a few verses further.

We started our first services as FIRE Church NL in a rented auditorium in a church building, after that in a multi-purpose building and after that in a school. After roaming through Rotterdam as a church for years, the Lord gave us the desire to build Him a dwelling place. Because we are not only eye-witnesses but were actually part of the revival in Pensacola, we have a continuous desire for the manifest Presence of God. This brought us to the point where we stopped with putting timeframes on our prayer meetings. Suppose we pray from 20:00hr until 22:00hr and God wants to speak at 22:30 but we have already gone home…

This desire led us to where we continue after our ‘regular’ Sunday service for a time of ministry unto the Lord and seeking God. This waiting upon the Lord are periods of sometimes two or three hours. It was during this time that the Lord started to speak about His desire for us to build Him a house. This became our prayer.

The Lord builds the house

Now, we know that the church is not a building, it exists out of living stones (1 Peter 2:5). We know that God does not live in a building (Isaiah 66:1, Acts 7:49-50). And yet we clearly understood the Lord’s desire to build Him a house and we took this to heart. During this process the Lord started speaking through 2 Samuel 7:5: “This is what the Lord says: Are you the one to build Me a house to dwell in?” and in verse 11: “The Lord declares to you that the Lord Himself will establish a house for you.” This advocated the case! The Lord will build the house.

Build a house for the Lord, a place where He can dwell. We have seen this in Pensacola, it has to do with the heart of the people to comprehend this! God doesn’t want a temporary rental place, He want the ownership. We started to share this with our community and prayed about this together. Then there came an opportunity to buy a building. The asking price was quite an amount, far beyond our budget of € 0,-, but the Lord had spoken: “The Lord Himself will establish a house for you”. In the start of December 2016 we came to an agreement with the selling party, an existing church fusing together with another church. We had a verbal agreement. I promised them to make a deposit of € 50.000,- in the beginning of January 2017. There was only one small detail; when I made that promise we had only € 3,- on our bank account…

After we had challenged our family of FIRE Church NL an encouraging amount came in. This was in the first week after the verbal agreement. When our own bank closed the door for us, we had to remain standing on the promise: “The Lord Himself will establish a house for you”.

Supernatural providence

Pray, pray, pray and I received a phone call from someone, someone I’ve never met before, who told me that he heard about our step of faith and that he wanted to sow. He gave a big amount! The lid went off… Before Christmas we had € 100.000,- coming in as gifts! The selling brothers wanted to help us also with a mortgage with very good conditions. Besides that we came in touch with a group of Christian businessmen who wanted to invest money into our project. All the finances were settled before March 2017!

We know all this has to do with seeking God’s face and ministering unto Him. The Psalms state: “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain”. (Psalm 127:1)

And of course it didn’t all go easy. Right before signing the contract we discovered asbestos in the building. Sanitation was required and the costs for this were astronomical! This almost blew everything up in our face. In the end we were able to find a solution to carry the pain with both parties, but it resulted in serious extra costs for us.

We signed the contract in the notary’s office on March 31 st 2017 and this made FIRE Church NL the owner of a monumental building in Rotterdam Alexander. Still I was very uncomfortable with the extra costs we now had on top of it all for the coming 5 years. This brought me back to my knees. I wanted to protect our community. Within two days after signing the contract the first half of the amount came in. Five days later the second half came in. Our part of the bill for the sanitation was covered within a week after signing the contract! Together with all the costs for the notary, taxes, asbestos sanitation our FIRE Church NL family has had faith for almost one million euro. Only Christian parties were involved. No money from the world! Hallelujah!

Born for such a time as this

I believe that we are stepping into a new time of supernatural providence with which we again will take in ground for the Glory of His Name. The newspapers are filled with stories of churches that are remodeled into mosques or other idolatry. Churches are broken down to build apartments or turned into houses. But praise God, we were able to save a house of God to the glory of His Name!

This new era requires us to seek God seriously. “So He said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zeubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty”. (Zechariah 4:6)

This is our time to minister unto Him and to see Him move through it! He is the unchangeable God. “Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

History belongs to the intercessors! Are you prayer?