FIRE is an acronym for: 

Fellowship for International Revival and Evangelism

FIRE Netherlands born out of the Brownsville revival in Pensacola, Florida. This revival was the longest outpouring of God’s Spirit in the history of America. During the revival more than 150,000 people came to a living faith in Christ and many thousands more dedicated themselves to living radically for Jesus. In 1997, under the leadership of Dr. Michael L. Brown, a school was founded: the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. The pioneering class started with 120 students and quickly grew to more than 1100 students. In 2001 the school proceeded under a new name: FIRE School of Ministry.

FIRE is now a movement with many hundreds of graduates all over the world who, filled with revival fire, have been sent out to fulfill the Great Commision. Since 2004 FIRE has been active in the Netherlands with its base in Rotterdam. The focus and driving force of FIRE Netherlands is changing the nation through prayer, fasting, and evangelism.

FIRE Church Netherlands

In October 2009, God began to speak through different leaders from multiple different countries that Frank and Bobby Pot should pioneer a new church was acknowledged by leaders from across the nation. It was during this time that FIRE Church NL was birthed. Januari 2010 the first service was held. FIRE Church NL is called to be a catalyst in bringing together generations for transformation and spiritual renewal.

We live in a time where the Church of Christ faces one of the greatest challenges ever: to turn back the nations to Jesus. Filled with a passion for Him and a heart for the lost, FIRE Church NL is committed to this cause!